Windows Software for Beginners and Professionals - 2024 Versions

Photo Editing Software
Easy photo editing software for Windows PCs designed for both beginners and experts in image editing.
A photo editing software for Windows PC users with which keen photographers – as well as beginners in photography - can get the most out of their pictures. This photo editing software is an all-round package that has all of the well-known photo editing tools. Users can start working with them right away without having to learn about the program for a long time. This is an image editor that gives the best results. Easy to use, it makes it really fun when you edit photos and enhance images. If you like to use an online photo editing services, here is a photo retouching service we can clearly recommend!

Photo Organizing Software
Manage, organize, structure, find, and sort photos on your PC as well as a tool to find duplicate photos.
Photo organizing software for Windows with which you can organize and structure images that are on your PC by simply dragging and dropping them. This a complete professional photo management package to manage photos, sort photos and find duplicate photos. A duplicate photo finder is also integrated in the software which provides the functionality to automatically find duplicate photos. The photo organizing software is also equipped with many filtering and sorting functions plus a photo viewer and an image data display to facilitate the ease of workflows.

Text Reader Software
Turn your PC into a text reader and listen to texts read aloud with clear pronunciation.
This text reader software (TTS) for Windows with a clear pronunciation that is suited for any type of text. It will read texts aloud that are on screen quickly and easily with a simple mouse click. The all-round package can read text aloud or convert text to MP3 on your PC. Texts that have been read aloud with the TTS reader can also be organized into projects and then reopened at your convenience. Converting text to speech is easy with this text reader software for PC. This software turns your PC into a speech studio.

MP3 Player Software
This MP3 player software is a virtual stereo system for your PC with a lot of music effects.
A MP3 player software for PC which has the very good-looking skin of a virtual stereo system. Our MP3 player software for Windows has many functions, such as an equalizer, pitch scale, pitch shift, delay, reverb, 3D sound, a treble enhancer, and a bass enhancer. You can even create your own playlists Save them and replay them according to your mood. This program makes listening to music on your PC really fun and, what's more, it will turn your PC into a virtual jukebox.

Slideshow Software
Slideshow software to create a slideshow for any output devices.
This slideshow software creates professional slideshows for Smart TV, PC, tablets, DVD, CD, video portals or smartphones. With this slideshow software you can add whole folders of images and create complete presentations with just a few mouse clicks. Adding photos, credits, credits and music will turn your photos into stunning presentations. Another highlight is that music can be added to the slideshow or the slideshow can be dubbed with a microphone.