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Photo Editing Software Test & Comparison 2024

The Best Photo Editing Software - Test and Comparison - Our Favorites

If you're looking for high-quality photo editing software that allows you to easily edit your images, our comparison and test provide the best options for the best photo editing software for beginners, both free and paid. These photo editing software options are particularly user-friendly and deliver professional results, especially for beginners.

Last updated 27th January, 2024 - by Terra Proxx
Photo Editing Software Comparison & Test

There are numerous tools available on the internet for image editing, helping you enhance your photos. If you're unsure about which tool to choose, you can compare them here and select your personal winner to edit and optimize your photos.

Given the multitude of photo editing software options available, it can be challenging to make the right choice. The best photo editing software heavily depends on your individual requirements. While many programs are suitable for beginners, others have been specifically developed for professional users or designers.

Many advanced image editing software programs, like Photoshop, offer outstanding features that you won't find in other applications. Here is a list of photo editing software options that will facilitate your editing process.

Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners and Professionals - Comparison & Test

1. Fotoworks XL 2

Key Features:
  • Perfect for beginners and hobby photographers.
  • No learning curve required.
  • No prior knowledge of image editing necessary.
  • Intuitive program.
  • Easy to use yet delivers professional photo editing results.
  • Edit entire photo series at once.
  • Batch processing of multiple images with effects or settings.
  • Add watermarks in batch processing.
  • Create photo montages with Green Screen.
  • Make photo collages.
  • Remove red-eye.
  • Printing studio with various print formats.
  • Free program updates.

Photo Editing Software for Beginners - Fotoworks XL 2

Fotoworks XL 2 is photo editing software suitable for both beginners and professional users who want to quickly edit a photo. The most notable feature of Fotoworks XL 2 is its ease of use and intuitive program interface. The menu structure is well-organized and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly familiarize themselves with the various tools and options. Whether you need to make basic adjustments like cropping, rotating, and color adjustments, or more complex edits like retouching, montages, or filter effects, the program provides all the necessary tools.

Fotoworks XL 2 offers countless filters and effects that allow you to give your images a personal touch. From classic black and white filters to creative distortion effects, there are numerous possibilities to enhance or transform your photos.

The speed and performance of Fotoworks XL 2 are impressive. This simple photo editing software for beginners responds quickly to commands and carries out edits swiftly without compromising image quality. Despite having many advanced features, Fotoworks XL 2 remains accessible enough for beginners who are not yet familiar with photo editing.

  • Excellent as photo editing software for beginners.
  • No learning or training time required.
  • Well-organized menu structure and user interface.
  • Guidance prompts to assist users throughout the program.
  • Good performance and speed in photo editing.
  • Automatic enhancement of photos.
  • Extra features for creating photo montages and collages.
  • Batch processing of photos from a folder.
  • Only available for Windows.
  • No dark theme available.

2. Adobe Photoshop CC

Key Features:
  • Professional image editing with layers.
  • Professionally transform the appearance of a photo.
  • Test or apply photo filters with one click - with customizable presets.
  • Remove objects without affecting the background.
  • Clone over unwanted image elements - the rest is done by the AI-powered removal tool.
  • Contextual taskbar to quickly find the right tool for the upcoming task.
  • Create smoother color gradients.
  • Review gradients in real-time and apply them to a automatically created new layer if needed.
Photo Editing Software - Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is offered as a subscription-based photo editing software. The smaller version costs US$9.99/mo and includes this program, 20 gigabytes of Adobe cloud storage, and Lightroom CC. By paying double the price US$19.99/mo, you also get Lightroom Classic CC and 1 terabyte of cloud storage. However, handling such data volumes requires a fast internet connection, which is also helpful during the initial installation of Photoshop CC. The installation is done exclusively through the internet, with the installer downloading well over 2 gigabytes of software data. After installation, Photoshop CC can be used offline, but the software regularly checks for activation. However, you can go offline for a few days without any issues.

If you don't want to subscribe, you can unlock Photoshop CC at the same price using a prepaid card, but you'll need to pay for a full year in advance. Typically, it is available starting from US$119.88/yr, slightly cheaper during promotions, but interested users should expect at least. Activation is done using an Adobe ID created during installation. Photoshop can be installed on multiple computers but can only be actively used on a maximum of two simultaneously. If you want to switch computers, simply sign out from the old device and activate Photoshop on a new PC. By the way, if you also want to use other photo editing software from the Creative Cloud like Premiere Pro alongside Photoshop and Lightroom, you should choose a complete subscription for US$54.99/mo.

Version 24 of the photo editing software serves as the foundation for Photoshop CC. Therefore, it's no wonder that the range of features is enormous. However, compared to older versions, the current version is relatively easy to use, thanks to the increasing number of tutorials that provide detailed guidance on tasks such as portrait editing. This is also due to improved techniques. Photoshop CC increasingly utilizes AI technology, which simplifies tasks like seamless selection of image elements, whether it's cutting out a person for a collage or removing unwanted elements. Precise automatic selection is possible through the Adobe Cloud, albeit at the cost of speed. It can take up to two minutes for a selection to return from the cloud.

  • Supports all file formats.
  • Huge selection of editing tools.
  • Forum and active technical support.
  • Supports almost all popular image formats.
  • Countless overlays, textures, brushes, filters.
  • Regular updates and improvements.
  • Possibility to store data in the cloud and access it from anywhere.
  • Professional program for designers and agencies.
  • Very complex for beginners and novices.

3. Corel PaintShop Pro

Key Features:
  • Image composition tools for precise cropping based on the Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds.
  • Includes tools for brightness, contrast, fill light, clarity, and color corrections.
  • Selection and correction tools.
  • RAW, HDR, and 360° camera support.
  • Efficient time-saving tools.
Corel PaintShop Pro - Photo Editing Software

Mastering Corel PaintShop Pro will take some time, even if you already have advanced image editing skills. The latest version of this iconic image editing software has significant improvements. It allows you to adjust depth of field while cropping images, easily add text layers, and utilize various brushes and color palettes.

Similar to popular photo editing tools, Corel PaintShop Pro is also equipped with the tools you need to edit HDR or RAW file formats. Additionally, this photo editing software has impressive graphic design options. You can easily add additional layers to your shots or apply masks to them. The extensive library of creative content allows you to choose from a variety of patterns, gradients, and color palettes and try out new things.

Corel PaintShop Pro also features powerful digital art and drawing capabilities, allowing you to create digital paintings. For example, the Pic-to-Painting tool uses neural networks to clarify your images and apply a variety of painting styles to your photos. Corel PaintShop Pro is also a wonderful option for portrait photographers, as it provides features that simplify portrait enhancements.

  • Has a wide range of photo editing tools.
  • Powerful graphic design capabilities.
  • Extensive library of text fonts and text layer options.
  • Equipped with digital painting tools.
  • Upgrade required to access all features.
  • High learning curve for beginners in photo editing.

4. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Key Features:
  • Remove unwanted objects.
  • Select subjects in photos with just one click.
  • Replace backgrounds.
  • Quickly adjust facial features.
  • Fresh templates for photo collages.
  • Add filters and effects.
  • Enhance your skills with step-by-step guides.
  • Expand the background of photos.
  • Move, scale, and duplicate objects.
Image Editing Software Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a simple photo editing software designed for both beginners and professionals. It is powerful, similar to Adobe Lightroom, and is designed to simplify photo editing. The app was released as a stripped-down version of Adobe Photoshop and is specifically aimed at social media users who need image editing software to pre-process and enhance their images.

The intelligent editing features of Adobe Photoshop Elements make colors more vibrant, select objects in images and automatically colorize them. The photo editing software has an extensive library of effects that allow you to easily enhance your photos with just one click. Additionally, this photo editing application allows you to create collages and memes that you can share with your friends on all popular social media platforms.

The latest version of this photo editing app includes enhancements that allow you to automatically remove skin blemishes or delete objects from your images. Adobe Photoshop Elements has impressive photo editing features that even inexperienced users can use to create great photos.

  • Automatic color enhancement option.
  • Smooth batch processing.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to learn.
  • Wide range of effects and filters.
  • More expensive than similar photo editing products.
  • Almost all photo editing features are automated.


Key Features:
  • Packed with advanced features.
  • Impressive range of professional functions.
  • Free, no ads, no hidden costs, and fully open source.
  • Not necessarily suitable for beginners.
  • The densely packed user interface might be intimidating for users with less experience.
Free Photo Editing Software GIMP

Over the years, the free photo editing software GIMP has become one of the most popular options for inexperienced image editors. GIMP was released in 1996 and has since evolved into a powerful image editing software that allows users to edit their images in various ways.

The color and image editing tools of this image editing software allow you to easily adjust saturation, color, and contrast of your images while working with multiple layers and masks. The software structure of GIMP is intuitive, and you will quickly become familiar with it even if you are completely inexperienced in image editing.

Cropping images or adjusting brightness and contrast are simple operations that anyone can quickly learn. GIMP also supports a variety of file formats, so you don't have to worry about compatibility of your photos with the photo editing software. If you're looking for a continuously evolving and user-friendly photo editing tool, GIMP is one of the best options for you.

  • Excellent color enhancement tools.
  • Over 150 filters and various effects available.
  • Free and accessible to everyone.
  • Too complex for beginners.
  • Many of the image editing tools that GIMP has can be overwhelming.
  • Tends to have errors and bugs.

6. PhotoDirector 365

Key Features:
  • Create images and stickers from text using AI.
  • Powerful tools for editing your images.
  • Remove people and objects from photos.
  • The reference for photo retouching.
  • Creative effects supported by artificial intelligence.
  • Precise and elegant color correction.
PhotoDirector 365 Photo Editor

With the update of PhotoDirector 365 photo editing software for Windows and macOS, users receive new tools for more detailed facial retouching, among other features. The iOS and Android app has also been updated.

One of the standout advantages of PhotoDirector 365 is its extensive selection of available photo editing tools. The new face tools in PhotoDirector allow you to individually shape eyebrows, eyes, lips, and nose. After marking the respective areas, you can adjust the distance, size, height, width, and angle of each facial feature.

Another innovation in PhotoDirector 365 is the "Black Mist" effect, which creates diffuse and softer lighting effects. This effect, also known as the "Black Mist Filter," emphasizes diffuse light and creates a more serene image atmosphere. All parameters of the effect can be individually adjusted. Additionally, the program's user interface, particularly the launcher, has been redesigned. With the update, CyberLink has also added new content packs with stickers, background music from the "Rock" category, and new fonts.

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Full range of editing tools: Basic and advanced editing features.
  • AI-powered effects and functions.
  • Creation of multiple exposures from videos.
  • Includes multiple options that may overwhelm users.

7. Photo Explosion 5 Deluxe

Key Features:
  • Professional editing and effects for repairing and enhancing images.
  • Easily apply special effects with the Magic Brush tool.
  • Includes all-new video editing tools.
  • Easier to use than ever with a new user interface.
  • Get started quickly with video tutorials.
  • New special effects and filter options.
  • Burn photo slideshows to discs.
Photo Editing Software: Photo Explosion 5 Deluxe

Photo Explosion 5 Deluxe is image editing software with a user-friendly interface designed specifically for beginners. It provides easy navigation to various image editing tools. The software includes an extensive collection of templates that can be used to create impressive calendars, collages, and greeting cards. It also offers a wide range of features such as color correction, scaling, cropping, filters, and effects.

For more experienced users, Photo Explosion 5 Deluxe also provides advanced features such as masking, layer support, and advanced color correction. These features enhance the editing capabilities of the software. Additionally, the software allows seamless integration with social media platforms, allowing users to directly share their edited photos on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • Extensive range of editing functions.
  • Advanced editing features like layers.
  • Batch processing.
  • Customizable software.
  • No mobile app available.
  • May take some time to fully master advanced editing features.

8. DxO PhotoLab

Key Features:
  • Correction and enhancement of images.
  • DxO noise reduction technologies.
  • Geometry corrections.
  • Support for a wide range of file formats: RAW, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments.
  • Tools for cropping, aligning, and perspective correction.
  • Histogram.
  • Send photos to external editing software.
  • Watermarking.
DxO PhotoLab - Image Editor

DxO is known for its detailed lens and camera reviews. With their own RAW and image editing software, DxO PhotoLab, they provide a comprehensive solution for photographers. In addition to the full-fledged image editing DxO PhotoLab, the company offers the RAW converter DxO PureRAW as a standalone photo editing software at a discounted price.

DxO PhotoLab impresses with numerous innovative features and excellent lens profiles for automatic corrections. The company has invested a lot of technology from its own testing lab into the development of lens profiles. Although I have only worked with the free trial version of DxO PhotoLab a few times, I was already impressed in a short amount of time. I particularly liked the customizable user interface and the precision of the retouching tools.

It is also worth mentioning that DxO PhotoLab includes the award-winning Nik Collection, a comprehensive collection of filters that DxO acquired from Google in 2017. Additionally, DxO PhotoLab also features the popular film-look filters (in the Elite version). If I weren't already using Lightroom and Luminar, DxO PhotoLab would probably be my first choice!

  • Powerful technology from its own testing lab.
  • Integration of the enhanced version of the Nik Collection.
  • Intuitive and customizable user interface.
  • Good value for money.
  • DeepPRIME technology for superior noise reduction.
  • No HDR function.

9. PhotoScape X

Key Features:
  • Over 1,000 filters & effects.
  • Integrated image viewer.
  • Batch processing of multiple photos.
  • Create collages.
  • Create animated GIFs.
  • Brushes & brush tools.
  • Create photo montages.
  • Macro: Record multiple actions.
Photo Editing Software - PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is a comprehensive collection of photo editing tools that go beyond simple photo editing software. The best part is that it is available for free. Within PhotoScape, you will find a RAW converter, an image viewer, an editor, a print tool, a GIF animator, and countless other software functions that would normally require separate programs to be installed.

Although the free version of PhotoScape has several limitations in terms of photo editing, it is still sufficient for countless simple projects. Additionally, it offers various filters and effects. Don't be discouraged by the simple interface - it hides a lot of functionality.

  • Offers a wide range of photo editing tools.
  • Making photo collages is easy and intuitive.
  • Allows RAW to JPEG file conversion.
  • Excellent batch processing capabilities.
  • Compatible only with Windows.
  • Does not have advanced photo editing features found in professional software.

10. Movavi Photo Editor

Key Features:
  • Adjust individual sharpness.
  • Precise object removal.
  • Flawless photo retouching.
  • Light and color correction.
  • RAW support.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Basic editing tools.
  • Add text.
  • Export settings.
Movavi Photo Editor - Photo Editing Software for Beginners

Movavi Photo Editor is a user-friendly image editing program that precisely serves the purpose of improving photo quality, retouching images, removing misplaced objects or image defects, cropping objects, replacing backgrounds, adding texts, as well as applying effects, frames, and filters to photos.

Modern smartphones and cameras allow even inexperienced hobby photographers to take good photographs. However, these images often lack the final touch compared to professional photos. Professional photos are optimized using photo editing software for beginners or professional photographers to achieve brilliant colors, perfect sharpness, or targeted image corrections. However, dealing with such often expensive programs requires learning, a lot of time, and experience. If you want to avoid this effort and are looking for easy-to-use image editing software, the affordable Movavi Photo Editor could be a good choice.

  • Supports common graphic formats.
  • Low resource consumption.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Diverse filter options.
  • Limited features in the free version.
  • Not suitable for mobile devices.

11. PhotoPad

Key Features:
  • Many design templates.
  • Backgrounds and image library.
  • Very clean workspace.
  • Library of photos.
  • Publish to social networks and websites.
  • Photo platform for beginners and professionals.
Photo Editor PhotoPad

PhotoPad is a comprehensive photo editing software that offers a wide range of tools, filters, and effects. It is ideal for photographers and graphic designers who want to edit their photos and achieve impressive visual results. One of the main strengths of PhotoPad is its inspiring program interface. The software features a lightweight and intuitive user interface that allows users to navigate through its numerous functions effortlessly. The editing tools are logically and clearly arranged, making it easy for users to quickly find the tools they need. Additionally, the software provides extensive tutorials and help files to guide users through the editing process.

Another important feature of this photo editing software is the variety of filters and effects it offers. The software includes a majority of preset filters that can be applied to images to give them a unique look. Users also have the option to create custom filters and effects using the software's advanced editing tools. PhotoPad has multiple export options, including the ability to save images in formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. The software also supports direct sharing of edited photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. In summary, PhotoPad is a versatile and powerful photo editing software suitable for both beginners and professionals. With its user-friendly interface, a wide range of editing functions, and numerous effects and filters, it is an ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their photos.

  • Diverse selection of filters and effects.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ability to save images in various file formats.
  • Regular software updates.
  • Affordable prices for the standard and professional versions of the software.
  • Limited batch processing options.
  • Application interface may be too simple or lacking in features compared to other photo editing software.

12. Pixelmator Pro

Key Features:
  • Remove color.
  • Image sharpening and textures.
  • Lines, frames, and shapes.
  • Sidecar files.
  • Selective sharpening.
  • Shadow and light correction.
  • New print templates.
  • Remove image noise.
  • RAW support.
Image Editing Software Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful image editing software created by the Pixelmator team. It is perfect for professional photographers as well as enthusiasts. With a multitude of features, it stands out among image editing software. The user interface of Pixelmator Pro is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. The dark theme of this photo editing software is pleasing to the eyes and makes the colors of the images truly shine. Additionally, the software is responsive, allowing for editing of large files without delays or performance loss. This is ensured by the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as Metal and Core Image.

Pixelmator Pro has all the essential features that a photographer needs to edit their images. It provides tools for adjusting saturation, exposure, hue, color balance, and much more. Moreover, Pixelmator Pro includes advanced features like machine learning-based auto enhance, which automatically optimizes photos to achieve the best possible look. The software follows a non-destructive editing workflow, where the original image remains unchanged, and changes can be undone or adjusted at any time.

  • Responsive performance.
  • Wide selection of image editing tools.
  • Ability to integrate other image editing functions.
  • Pleasant dark theme.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Available only for macOS.

13. Pixlr

Key Features:
  • Photomash Studio by Pixlr.
  • Create animations.
  • Many design templates.
  • Remove background.
  • Collage maker.
  • Soft and sharp focus.
  • Automatic tone correction.
  • Revert tool.
  • Filters & effects.
Image Editing Software - Pixlr

It's great that free image editing is possible, as demonstrated by the impressive free photo editing software Pixlr. Pixlr is widely regarded as the most recognized free online photo editing software and is often compared to the most well-known desktop software.

This cloud-based image editing software is not only powerful in performance but also allows opening photos from your home PC, a web address, or directly from Facebook.

The program's user interface closely resembles Adobe's editor, leading users to consider Pixlr as the most popular online version of Adobe Photoshop, possibly even better than Adobe Photoshop Express.

The available tools and features are impressive: automatic image enhancement, exposure and saturation adjustments, red-eye removal, dodge/burn tool, layers, customizable brushes, masks, and curves. Additionally, the Pixlr ditor offers a wide range of filters to create stunning effects.

  • Impressive features.
  • No download required.
  • Diverse upload options.
  • Lack of batch editing mode.
  • Advertisement pop-ups.

14. Paint.NET

Key Features:
  • Innovative interface.
  • Impressive speed.
  • Layer editing.
  • Support for stylus and graphics tablet.
  • Many file formats.
  • 3D rotation effects.
  • 3D zoom effect.
  • Create gradients.
  • Object cropping.
  • Active online community.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Unlimited history.
Photo Editing Software for Beginners Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a free option for inexperienced photographers as photo editing software for beginners who don't want to incur any costs for photo editing. The photo editing tools are neatly organized in menus, allowing you to quickly access them when needed. Paint.NET can be particularly useful if you want to edit multiple images simultaneously, as each photo is displayed in a separate tab, making it easy to switch between them.

The selection of photo editing tools in Paint.NET is diverse enough to allow you to crop images, apply effects and filters, or add text layers. You can also easily combine two or more photos into a single image using the software's selection tools. Furthermore, Paint.NET provides you with the tools to reduce the contrast between the brightest and darkest areas of your photos to give them more vibrancy.

A photo editing software shows you all the steps taken in photo editing in the history window, allowing you to quickly undo any mistakes. Paint.NET is an excellent choice for beginner photographers looking for a simple yet powerful image editing software to optimize their photos for sharing on social networks.

  • Well-organized user interface.
  • Easy to learn, regardless of your level of experience.
  • Simple editing of multiple images simultaneously.
  • Extensive collection of effects and filters.
  • Compatible only with Windows.
  • Supports only common photo formats.

15. Fotor

Key Features:
  • Create designs.
  • Create collages.
  • Optimize photos.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Content sharing.
  • Image library.
  • Pre-made templates.
  • Watermarks.
  • Remove background.
  • Artificial Intelligence art effects.
  • AI image generator.
Fotor Image Editing Software for Beginners

Fotor is a photo editing software for beginners or advanced users. However, that doesn't mean you can't enhance your snapshots taken with the camera using this software. Fotor is an image editing software for Mac and Windows that offers a collection of templates for creating Facebook or YouTube covers, Instagram posts, or website banners in just a few clicks.

In addition to templates, Fotor has an extensive library of effects that allow you to make your photos more vibrant and dynamic. This photo editing app is ideal if you want to retouch skin blemishes, whiten your models' teeth, or remove red-eye effects. Fotor gives you access to over a hundred collage layouts, allowing you to easily combine your images and try different options.

The batch processing features of Fotor are one of the reasons why beginners and advanced users choose this app for processing their images. It supports all common file formats, so you won't have any issues opening your photos regardless of the camera you used.

  • Intelligent filters and effects.
  • Convenient collage creation.
  • RAW file conversion.
  • Fotor Social Network.
  • Significant advertising in the mobile and web applications.
  • Very limited comprehensive image editing solutions.

16. IrfanView

Key Features:
  • Supports many formats.
  • Integrated image viewer.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Thumbnails/preview.
  • Scanner support (TWAIN).
  • Effects and filters.
  • Many keyboard shortcuts.
  • Batch conversion.
Photo Editing Software for Beginners: IrfanView

With the free photo editing software for beginners, IrfanView, you can not only view images but also perform basic image editing. However, there are numerous differences compared to image editing software like GIMP or Photoshop. We will show you what you can do with this freeware.

IrfanView not only allows you to view your photos but also offers image editing capabilities through the "Image" menu. Although it doesn't support working with layers like GIMP and Photoshop, this accessibility makes it a user-friendly software for beginners. You can add efficient effects and filters like relief, sepia, explosion, or color changes with just a few clicks without needing prior knowledge.

  • Supports a wide range of image formats.
  • Batch processing allows simultaneous editing of multiple images.
  • Creation of slideshows and playback of media files.
  • Small file size and low system requirements.
  • The user interface looks outdated and does not adhere to modern standards.
  • The editing features are limited.

The Most Important Aspects of Photo Editing Software

  • Photo editing software is ideal for optimizing, creative editing, and managing photos.
  • Simple programs often provide faster results for beginners and newcomers compared to expensive and complex professional software.
  • Video tutorials and a good manual are extremely helpful when starting with digital image editing.
  • It's not necessary to subscribe to the market leader's software. Other manufacturers also offer high-quality image editing software.

Key Features of Photo Editing Software

The range of functions and features is an important differentiating factor between free and paid photo editing software. However, it's not always a disadvantage if freeware has fewer editing tools. Beginners and hobbyists often benefit from the simplicity of free tools that still deliver good results. Nevertheless, free photo editing software should have some basic functions to be flexible and user-friendly. The key features include:
  • Simple correction of color, sharpness, contrast, brightness, and exposure.
  • Rotation, flipping, and cropping of images.
  • Lossless scaling options (image size/file size).
  • Cropping or removing objects in photos.
  • Creating photo montages and collages.
  • Filters and effects as adjustment tools.
  • Layer-based image editing.
  • Importing various photo formats.
In addition to these basic features, the menu structure of the image editing software is also crucial. It's essential that all functions are organized in a clear and accessible manner, allowing for intuitive and easy use. A well-designed layout of the software, including menus, toolbars, and buttons, contributes to a positive user experience.

Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners

In recent years, two significant trends have emerged in the field of digital image editing. Firstly, there has been a significant increase in the demand for photo editing software for beginners. Social networks, in particular, have contributed to more people showing interest in editing their photos. Secondly, users nowadays have much higher expectations for the performance of beginner-friendly photo editing software. These programs are expected to offer numerous features while keeping the learning curve low and providing integrated editing functions that are easy to use without extensive prior knowledge.

Best Photo Editing Software for Professionals

After our testing and comparison, we have concluded that Adobe Photoshop CC is the best photo editing software for professionals.
Adobe Photoshop CC has long been an industry-leading software appreciated by professional photographers, graphic designers, and artists worldwide. What sets Adobe Photoshop CC apart from other photo editing software is the incredible variety of advanced features and tools it offers. With Photoshop CC, professionals can customize, retouch, and optimize their images in almost limitless ways. From precise color correction to complex compositing techniques, the software allows for comprehensive creative control over every image. However, it's important to note that Adobe Photoshop CC is a paid software that requires a subscription. This may not be the best choice for all users, especially hobbyists or occasional users who don't need extensive professional features.

What Does the Future Hold for Image Editing?

Intelligent, AI-based processes in photo editing are a controversial development that is viewed critically by some and celebrated as a significant innovation by others. However, even the staunchest critics can't deny that their opinion changes once they try the object selection feature using the intelligent brush tool. The speed and accuracy of this feature are incredible in almost all tested candidates. It's up to you whether you want to let AI play a part in your creativity and create completely surreal photos with neural filters in programs like Photoshop. The possibilities are impressive, and it's up to you to decide how far you want to embrace these innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is paid photo editing software necessary?


Paid photo editing software is not necessarily required to start with photo editing. There are many free photo editing software options that have good features and are suitable for beginners.

However, a paid program like Adobe Photoshop has advantages for agencies and designers. It offers advanced features, professional tools, and a wider range of editing capabilities. Beginners, on the other hand, may find such programs overwhelming.

2. What is the best photo editing software for beginners?


For beginners, it is crucial that the software has a clear structure and that its functions are intuitive to use. Programs like Fotoworks XL 2 guide users through the process. As users gain experience, they can manually create complex photo montages, collages, adjustments, and corrections.

Our top 3 recommendations for beginners are:

  1. Fotoworks XL 2
  2. Corel Paintshop Pro
  3. Movavi Photo Editor

3. What should good photo editing software be able to do?

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly program interface
  2. Support for common image formats
  3. Easy correction functions
  4. Color corrections
  5. Cropping tools
  6. Retouching
  7. Image cropping
  8. Scaling
  9. Photo collages
  10. Photo montages
  11. Filters and effects
  12. Layer-based image editing

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