Tool for ChatGPT Write Several Texts

ChatGPT write several texts with the innovative program "Multi Text AI Writer".

The program "Multi Text AI Writer" collaborates with ChatGPT to facilitate ChatGPT write several texts. Whether it's 20, 100, 200, or even 1000 texts, they can all be created at once. These texts can each include 2-10 headlines, for which keywords are provided as prompts for ChatGPT.

For each headline, a strong line is automatically created, which represents the basic configuration of the ChatGPT write several texts tool. Optionally, different writing formats can be selected for multiple texts simultaneously. These include a subheadline for each headline, which is inserted into the text, as well as a bullet point list or a numbered list that appears once in the text.

ChatGPT write several texts
Figure: ChatGPT write several texts

These variable settings for additional text elements can be applied either 50% of the time, never, or always. You can also choose between long, varying, or short headlines. This eliminates the need to spend a lot of money on writing texts.

ChatGPT write several texts and its features
  • Our tools write texts in English US, English UK, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • Write several texts with ChatGPT with subheadlines: 50%, Always, Never
  • Bullet points or enumeration: 50%, Always, Never
  • Settings with the help of projects for text creation
  • 6 question groups in a question catalog with similar questions for ChatGPT write multiple texts
  • Different modes for headlines: Long headlines, Short headlines, alternating both types
  • Preview function, which demonstrates the random question cycle to get unique texts repeatedly (even if it's constantly about the same topic)
  • Keyword generator for write several texts with ChatGPT, which generates different comma-separated combinations with keywords
  • Save finished texts in the following formats: TXT, HTML, SEO Neo format
Multi Text AI Writer - The tool for writing many texts at once with ChatGPT

ChatGPT Write Several Texts with the Help of Question Catalogs and Projects

The software for ChatGPT write several texts collaborates with question catalogs, which are divided into projects.

The program for write several texts with ChatGPT includes pre-made projects with question catalogs. These question catalogs cover general topics such as shopping, products, and services. So, you immediately get suitable questions for the most common topics to start right away. However, you also have the option to create, save, and reuse your own question catalogs specifically for your topics or topic. This ensures that you receive unique and search engine optimized texts. Furthermore, you can choose whether numerous texts should be created for just one topic or whether different topics should be covered.

Let ChatGPT Write Many Texts and the Result

The tool for write many texts with ChatGPT creates high-quality and search engine optimized content.

The texts created by Multi Text AI Writer are often indexed by search engines. The program includes integrated tools that continuously remix your chosen keywords for headlines and texts. This results in constantly new compositions of headlines for each text as well as additional fresh keywords for each headline. Thus, every produced text becomes unique.

Parameters Integrated in the Tool for Write Multiple Texts with ChatGPT

Naturally, meaningful settings and parameters can also be set in the program for write multiple texts with ChatGPT.

Write multiple texts with ChatGPT
Screenshot: Write multiple texts with ChatGPT The parameters "Temperature" and "Top P" are used in contexts of text generation using artificial intelligence, such as models like ChatGPT (GPT=Generative Pre-trained Transformer). This is also the case with the program for write many texts with ChatGPT.
  1. Temperature:
    • Temperature is a parameter that controls the creativity or diversity of the generated texts.
    • Low temperatures lead to more conservative and predictable outputs, often using more frequent or "safer" words and phrases.
    • High temperatures, on the other hand, result in less predictable outputs with more variations and unusual expressions.
  2. Top P:
    • Top P is a parameter used in text generation to limit the probabilities of the next words based on their cumulative probability.
    • It works by considering only the most probable words until the cumulative probability reaches a specified threshold (often denoted as P).
    • This limits rarer or less likely words, leading to a more focused and coherent generation.

These parameters provide options for fine-tuning with the software for writing several texts at once with ChatGPT to generate texts with different characteristics based on the user's requirements.

Format Variations for Writing Several Texts at Once with ChatGPT

Possible output formats for writing several texts at once with ChatGPT are TXT, HTML, or the SEO Neo format.
HTML allows you to create texts similar to TXT files, but with the additional advantage of being able to view an HTML format directly in the browser as a preview. All texts created with the software for writing several texts at once with ChatGPT are in HTML format and can therefore be easily inserted into Web 2.0 platforms, blogs, or your own website. Additionally, the software also supports an SEO Neo format, which automatically generates blogs (Web 2.0), bookmarks, and authority links and inserts the texts with a backlink to your page. The SEO Neo tool also offers the option to create cloud blogs or fill your own blogs on WordPress.

Write Multiple Texts with ChatGPT - What You Need for It

Cost-effective content generation, facilitated by the software for writing several texts with ChatGPT, is the highlight – Here are the reasons:

Write several texts with ChatGPT
Screenshot: Write several texts with ChatGPT
  1. Speed and Efficiency: With the tool for letting multiple texts be written with ChatGPT, texts can be generated in the blink of an eye – faster than the fastest stroke of a human author's pen. While a human struggles through a text, this program simultaneously conjures up a multitude of texts from the digital hat.
  2. Scalability: The software for writing multiple texts with ChatGPT is as flexible as an acrobat in the circus. It effortlessly juggles a large quantity of texts without calling for additional human assistants. This means maximum productivity and freedom in creating textual masterpieces.
  3. Cost Efficiency: This marvel of technology requires neither salaries nor office equipment – a true goldmine for companies seeking cost savings. The program for letting many texts be written turns expensive manual work into an affordable pleasure.
  4. Consistency and Quality Assurance: Multi Text AI Writer is the master of consistency and quality. Every text it produces is seamless, free from human errors and variations. Here, texts are not just good, they are excellent.
  5. Task Automation: This technological marvel takes on tedious, repetitive tasks, thus relieving human employees. It allows them to focus on the true challenges – tasks that demand human creativity and judgment.
Write several texts at once with ChatGPT using Multi Text AI Writer

With the application for writing many texts with ChatGPT, creating textual content becomes a breeze – fast, flexible, reliable, and of the highest quality. It is the magical wand that saves time and resources for companies and organizations as they create their textual universe in ever-changing colors and forms.

Key Features:
  • Quick and professional writing of several texts at once with ChatGPT.
  • Writing many texts with ChatGPT through keywords.
  • Individualized content through continuously novel combinations of headings and keywords during writing.
  • Various options for structuring the texts.
  • Different variants for the output formats of the created texts.
  • Matching for your specific topic through question catalogs.
  • Texts in HTML format and immediately ready for use on websites or Web 2.0 (blogs).
  • Easy with ChatGPT write multiple texts through the helpful tool Multi Text AI Writer.
  • Significant time savings through simultaneous creation of multiple texts with ChatGPT.
  • High-quality and unique texts (Unique Content).
  • Search engine optimized text creation.
  • Compatible with any topic.
  • Structured writing of text, as optimal for search engines.
  • Continuous generation of new text variations through the combination of headings and keywords.
  • An API key is required for ChatGPT.
  • Software only suitable for Windows.

Additional Features for the Tool for ChatGPT Write Multiple Texts

Let ChatGPT write multiple texts and generate new keyword combinations repeatedly

An additional feature is the keyword generator, which is used to generate comma-separated keywords always in initial order (mixed). From these keywords, the headlines, text structure, and the texts themselves emerge. This tool proves to be extremely useful, assuming one wants to write several texts with ChatGPT to always receive fresh combinations of headlines in each newly created text. Furthermore, the keywords are combined uniquely repeatedly, as the created headlines should be as different as possible when letting ChatGPT write several texts.

ChatGPT write multiple texts
Image: ChatGPT write multiple texts

Technical Specifications:

Product: Multi Text AI Writer - ChatGPT write several texts
Operating Systems: Windows 10 - Windows 11, Windows 8 and 8.1 as well as older Windows versions
License: Free Download
Download Size: 21.3 MB
Supported File Formats: TXT, HTML, SEO Neo